I came across this website today. It’s called FLYP and it is essentially an online magazine – but with a twist. Their goal is to provide an engaging and enriching multimedia experience. As they say on their website, “We approach the Internet as a new medium—not just a new distribution channel—and we strive for a form of journalism that fulfills its possibilities on topics that range from politics and science to art and music.”

They combine high-quality text, video, photos, audio, animation and cutting edge design. It is completely interactive. They use technology to really engage and involve the audience. When you look at a story, you look at it from every angle and perspective – and they somehow find a way to incorporate all your senses in the process.

Their latest lead story, “A Matter of Life and Death” explores the idea of hospice care and who gets to decide when a human’s life is over. I absolutely recommend checking it out. When you do, read all the text, watch all the video, glance at all the photos, and listen to the voices of those really affected by the issue.