As I was skimming around NPR, I came across this really fantastic story. Little background: During a snow storm in Brooklyn, Todd Bieber decided to throw on some skis and trek through Prospect Park. While skiing, he discovered an old canister of film buried in the snow. Out of curiosity, Bieber developed the film and discovered gorgeous black and white photos of Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Prospect Park. Mixed in were photos of two men. He desperately wanted to find the photographer, so he posted a video on YouTube, which went viral in a matter of a few days and Bieber received over 800 emails from people who wanted to help.

Two months later, he received an email from┬áCamille Roche with a subject line reading, “Author of Film.” It turns out, she was studying abroad in New York City from Europe and was the sister of the two men featured in the photos. Bieber and his girlfriend immediately booked a trip to Paris to find Roche and return her photos. Inspired by his adventure, Bieber took his own photos throughout his trip, even some with Roche herself, and left them outside of a Parisian cafe with a message saying,”It happened once, it can happen again. If you find me, I can buy you coffee and we’ll become friends. It’s the beginning of an adventure.”

Check out the video and read the story! It’s truly an inspiring concept all based around the art of photography. It’s amazing the things that bring people together and the relationships we form.